There are no open submissions at this time.
Stories submitted without querying first will be DELETED UNREAD. Sorry.

If you have been asked to submit a story, know that your chances of being accepted increase if you use a professional format.


SpookyNinjaKitty publishes mostly genre fiction. At this time there are no plans for non-fiction or art/picture books. Dark Fantasy and Thriller are our main focus though we love Noir and Science Fiction and other genres too.

For legal reasons, avoid using real people's names, companies, and brand name products, especially in a bad light. While we both might think it is cool to have write about a real celebrity bashing her husband's brains out with a name-brand whiskey bottle in a story, our lawyers don't think it's cool at all. And neither will theirs.

We do not accept any song lyrics in stories. Period. Even referring to a song title is a tough sell, so try to avoid music references entirely.

If you want to use a quote or an excerpt from another book or story, please get permission from the author first.